Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We moved into this home 8 years ago
and the log cabin was damaged in the move.

It was never finished or repaired.

The Cherry Log Cabin bedspread is removed. 

The log cabin's been sitting right here
in the bedroom covered with a bedspread
for 8 years.

The log cabin  moved to the living room.

Damage assessments were made.

Everything that was damaged was removed so the log cabin project could move forward again.

Sliding glass door is working  again so that's a step forward.

The large porch and steps are repaired. 

Front Porch is almost complete.

And a roof!

And here we are with a completed front and roof.  Yes, I have made progress.  This is good.   I've hit a snag with the chimney but I'll think on it and come up with something.   It took me a long time to decide how to proceed with the roof and I'm happy with the result.

It's time for the guys to winterize the cabin. 

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