Monday, October 10, 2011

Indian Summer

It's been almost a week.  We are having a beautiful Indian Summer (Is that PC?).   Progress has been made but perhaps there should be a law that says we shouldn't work on our dollhouses when we are sick?   The side porch is finished or is it?   I feel like I should take a hammer to it and start over but I'm not sure the porch isn't salvageable.

First I miscalculated and then in an effort to fix the error I poured a  concrete pad right next to wood - not a good thing at all.   The guy was right I was short a board.   I was short 3 boards for the treads and a step above that.

The right thing to do?  Do nothing more on that porch until I'm well again.   Fall colds are the pits.

So I'll move inside and work on some furniture.  The guys want to work on the door but I'm too fuzzy brained to figure that out and do it right.  Haven't found the window glass either.  Then I say - "Lay some stone"  and they say  "Maybe tomorrow".  I'm really getting anxious to work on the RGT house and board this one up for the Winter.

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