Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oct Rush

We really want to get the cabin near to finished or finished would be better before the snow flies.  The chimney can be used without all the rock.   Maybe we should have just stopped with the modern stove lining and the concrete block but the homeowner dreamed of the rock.   The stove is in place so the small space can be heated. 

After the snow piles up we won't be able to get to the cabin so it will need to be closed up for the winter.   I do have a deadline - to be working on the Real Good Toy Greenacres by the  Christmas season. 

So we're feeling a little pressure to get to a good stopping point.  Absolutely finished would be nice.
I can't find the glass for the door window and I know it is here - just hiding - it isn't very big.  Perhaps I can construct the door without the glass with a temporary wood panel in place?  It appears both houses,  the 1946 Rich and this Cherry Log Cabin,  have a few missing pieces after the move.  Maybe everything will show up when I start working on the RGT house.

How can one porch take so many pieces?   What - that guy says I'm still missing a piece.  What size?  I am not missing a piece.   Let's start putting this thing together. 

And then on to that door or we'll have to put the winter shutter back up for this year.

Do you want to see the inside?   The homeowner (wannabe) in the doorway is thinking about the inside too.

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  1. Would love to see the inside. There must be a ton of quilts to stay warm, and some real yummy rugs!