Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dec 2011 We Need More Help!

It's almost Christmas here and it is snowing outside.
The windows have been complete for several weeks but I don't have the proper glue to attach them.
Here's an update on the Hitty size roombox.

Have I mentioned that this is a walkout lower level room in a house? 
That's why the windows are going to be high.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Winter at Cherry Wood Log Cabin

                         What else needs to be said?    See you next Spring.

Monday, October 31, 2011

What's This?

It's almost November. 
The Cherry Wood Log Cabin
will be closed up tight
for the Winter on the outside.
I need to distance myself from the chimney  and think about a solution. 
I can work on the inside and
finish the back roof.
These are the 2 windows for a room box,
not 1:12 in size but a little bigger to accommodate a group of Hitty dolls and their friends.

Hittys are about 6.5" tall but built with a bigger bone structure than regular doll house dolls.  That's Hitty Anne and she has a little friend. 

My son made the roombox for me and I've been decorating the inside - so far - paint, paper, wainscoting, flooring and now the windows. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We moved into this home 8 years ago
and the log cabin was damaged in the move.

It was never finished or repaired.

The Cherry Log Cabin bedspread is removed. 

The log cabin's been sitting right here
in the bedroom covered with a bedspread
for 8 years.

The log cabin  moved to the living room.

Damage assessments were made.

Everything that was damaged was removed so the log cabin project could move forward again.

Sliding glass door is working  again so that's a step forward.

The large porch and steps are repaired. 

Front Porch is almost complete.

And a roof!

And here we are with a completed front and roof.  Yes, I have made progress.  This is good.   I've hit a snag with the chimney but I'll think on it and come up with something.   It took me a long time to decide how to proceed with the roof and I'm happy with the result.

It's time for the guys to winterize the cabin. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Indian Summer

It's been almost a week.  We are having a beautiful Indian Summer (Is that PC?).   Progress has been made but perhaps there should be a law that says we shouldn't work on our dollhouses when we are sick?   The side porch is finished or is it?   I feel like I should take a hammer to it and start over but I'm not sure the porch isn't salvageable.

First I miscalculated and then in an effort to fix the error I poured a  concrete pad right next to wood - not a good thing at all.   The guy was right I was short a board.   I was short 3 boards for the treads and a step above that.

The right thing to do?  Do nothing more on that porch until I'm well again.   Fall colds are the pits.

So I'll move inside and work on some furniture.  The guys want to work on the door but I'm too fuzzy brained to figure that out and do it right.  Haven't found the window glass either.  Then I say - "Lay some stone"  and they say  "Maybe tomorrow".  I'm really getting anxious to work on the RGT house and board this one up for the Winter.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oct Rush

We really want to get the cabin near to finished or finished would be better before the snow flies.  The chimney can be used without all the rock.   Maybe we should have just stopped with the modern stove lining and the concrete block but the homeowner dreamed of the rock.   The stove is in place so the small space can be heated. 

After the snow piles up we won't be able to get to the cabin so it will need to be closed up for the winter.   I do have a deadline - to be working on the Real Good Toy Greenacres by the  Christmas season. 

So we're feeling a little pressure to get to a good stopping point.  Absolutely finished would be nice.
I can't find the glass for the door window and I know it is here - just hiding - it isn't very big.  Perhaps I can construct the door without the glass with a temporary wood panel in place?  It appears both houses,  the 1946 Rich and this Cherry Log Cabin,  have a few missing pieces after the move.  Maybe everything will show up when I start working on the RGT house.

How can one porch take so many pieces?   What - that guy says I'm still missing a piece.  What size?  I am not missing a piece.   Let's start putting this thing together. 

And then on to that door or we'll have to put the winter shutter back up for this year.

Do you want to see the inside?   The homeowner (wannabe) in the doorway is thinking about the inside too.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Back to Work

We're back to work here.  The leaves outside are changing and winter will come.  The front roof  is finished and the chimney fits in the roof slot.  There are just a couple of things yet to be completed on the front of the house.

As I turn to the business of finishing the west side of the house, a lot is left to do - man door, side porch,  steps,  and all those rocks.

Now, it appears, is time for some patience.   I wish I'd watched someone actually lay real rocks for a chimney.