Monday, September 5, 2011

Home From school

I didn't find the missing items but I can change this picture later.

No little boy lives in this house and most of these toys will go into my Real Good Toys house when I get that far with it.   In the meantime this little boy comes home here.
This center entrance room has the paint my father used in 1946.   I tried to keep one of the wallpapers but it all fell off.   But too much green was too much green so I went into wainscoting production.   I like the end result - a little old and a little new.   The red bench was my first effort at furniture. Note the real marble topped table - from my grandmother's items.

What will I do with this room when the little boy leaves?   A music room/entrance?   I really think only a couple with their baby and a visiting grandparent is enough.   His butt sort of fits that rocker.

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