Friday, September 2, 2011

The Beginning

Christmas 1946, my first Christmas in our very own house after World War II.  There was this wonderful dollhouse under the tree.  My father and mother purchased it at J L Hudson's in Detroit and my father spent many hours putting it together in the basement.  I never saw it until Christmas morning.  He decorated it with real house wool carpeting and full size wallpaper.  The master bedroom had one wallpaper motif - a huge bird.  I tried to keep that bird when I refurbished my dollhouse but it fell off the wall so I knew the house was telling me that it was time for that bird to go.  The carpet was at least 1/2" thick but was installed with a lot of love.

August 2011, this childhood dollhouse was identified as a Rich Dollhouse made 1946 - 1947. No changes have been made to the outside.